Renters Eviction Rights

A renters eviction rights is a set of rights that will protect a tenant from being thrown out on the streets, without good reason or without being provided with a buffer period in which they can find alternate living accommodations. The renters eviction rights will also allow a tenant to dispute and fight against an eviction that might be unfair or illegal in nature. If not for renters eviction rights, there will be total chaos in the rental industry with landlords throwing out tenants at any time they wish, according to their personal preference, biases or prejudice. Renters eviction rights will ensure that an eviction is carried out only after it has been presented to the court system that will need to approve the eviction process. The article below will discuss the renters eviction rights in correlation with eviction procedures as set forth by state and federal tenancy laws.

Right to receive a notice to quit – renters eviction rights – The first set of renters eviction rights will allow a tenant to be informed of the landlord’s intention to file an eviction case in court. A notice to quit or a notice to vacate is not a formal eviction letter that will require the tenant to vacate the apartment immediately although it is formal intimation that eviction proceedings are going to be started against them. The renters eviction rights will allow a tenant to either voluntarily leave an apartment or dispute an eviction when they receive a notice to quit or a notice to vacate.

Renters eviction rights in court – renters eviction rights – If the tenant does not respond to the notice to quit or notice to evict, the landlord will be allowed to file an eviction case in court that is also otherwise known as an unlawful detainer lawsuit. When an unlawful detainer lawsuit is filed, the tenant will usually receive a summons to appear in front of a judge who will hear out the eviction case. Renters eviction rights will allow a tenant to skip such a summons if they choose to although they have to understand that their absence will automatically initiate an eviction order against them. It is recommended that tenants use their renters eviction rights to fight or dispute their eviction case if they have a valid reason to fight the eviction case. For example, it is not uncommon for tenants to be evicted because they withheld rent. However, the tenant might have had a valid reason to withhold the rent payments. For example, the apartment might have had neglected repairs which might have caused the tenant to stop paying rent. In these cases, the judge will still issue the eviction order unless the tenant exercises their renters eviction rights by fighting the eviction case in court, stating that they withheld rent only because the landlord did not carry out repairs.

Rights against illegal evictions – renters eviction rights – There are many landlords out there who will simply not bother with a process in court when they want to evict a tenant. Instead of filing an unlawful detainer lawsuit that can take months, the landlords will simply lock tenants out of their apartments although this type of behavior would be a blatant abuse of renters eviction rights that is punishable by law.

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