Various Renting Tenants Rights in Your State

A tenant who pays rent and takes up residence in a rental property in any state in the U.S is eligible to more than just living on the rental property. There are a number of renting tenants rights that become available to them as state tenancy laws will automatically award renting tenants rights to tenants who have put their signature on a lease or rental agreement. These renting tenants rights will protect tenants against living in substandard conditions, against being duped on security deposit refunds, against being ignored on requests for repairs, against being illegally evicted by a landlord and other issues as well. The article below will try to expand on some of these renting tenants rights in lay man terms.

Living in substandard conditions – renting tenants rights – The renting tenants rights will always allow a tenant to demand an apartment that is in compliance with the local, state and federal building codes. The apartment or rental property in question will need to comply with the basic conditions of habitability which will include heat, running water, weatherproofing and pest free environments. In some states, renting tenants rights will also allow tenants to receive smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and fire exits as basic conditions of habitability. Renters can exercise these Various Renting Tenants Rightsrenting tenants rights in relation to demanding a habitable environment by refusing to pay rent if they are forced to live in substandard living quarters that may be provided by some landlords.

Security deposit refund problems – renting tenants rights- Some landlords will vaguely inform gullible tenants that their security deposit was used up for repairs or that the security deposit is not refundable. However, the tenancy law in all states will provide tenants with renting tenants rights that will allow a tenant to demand a security deposit refund, and that too in a very particular time frame. For example, in the state of California, not only will the security deposit have to be returned, renting tenants rights of California tenants will actually allow them to demand a refund within a period of 21 days. The renting tenants rights will allow a tenant to take a landlord to small claims court if the landlord has unjustly held back the security deposit or if the landlord has made unreasonable deductions to the security deposit.

Repairs being ignored – renting tenants rights- The renting tenants rights will allow tenants to expect landlords to carry out routine maintenance repairs in a timely fashion. Different state laws have different requirements from landlords. For example, the tenancy law in some states will require landlords to respond to repair requests within 14 days while some states will simply state that landlords must carry out repairs in a reasonable amount of time. Either way, renting tenants rights will permit tenants to hold back rent or pay reduced rent if the repairs are not carried out in a timely fashion. As an alternative option, renting tenants rights will also allow tenants to carry out their own repairs and then deduct the repair expenses from future rent payments. However, tenants carrying out their own repairs have to be advised that they will have to first inform the landlord of their intent to carry out repairs, in writing, if they want to protect their renting tenants rights.

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