Rhode Island Rental Rights

Rhode Island Rental Rights

Tenants residing in the state of Rhode Island are generally advised to read up on the various Rhode Island rental rights that have been put in place to protect the tenant. Most of the misunderstandings or disputes between tenants and landlord occur because a tenant has either misunderstood his rights or is completely not aware of any Rhode Island rental rights. This article will quickly go over some of the most important Rhode Island rental rights that will help a tenant during the course of their tenancy in the state of RI.

Terms of the rental or lease agreements – Rhode Island rental rights – Ideally, a lease agreement or rental agreement in the state of Rhode Island should mention the length of the term, the rent amount, pay by dates, security deposit clauses, maintenance obligations and a few otherrhode island real estate laws about renting factors. Rhode Island rental rights will apply to tenants even if they have not entered into written agreements as verbal agreements are sufficient. However, tenants are advised to protect their Rhode Island rental rights by entering into written lease agreements that are less susceptible to exploitation or manipulation by the landlords.

Tenant obligations – Rhode Island rental rights – Rhode Island rental rights guidelines also require that the tenant perform some duties while staying in a rented property. They must keep the property in a safe and sanitary condition and must not engage in illegal activities. It is also the tenant’s responsibility to notify the landlord about the need for repairs inside the rental property or in the common areas of the rental community.

Security deposits – Rhode Island rental rights – Refund of security deposits are probably the most disputed issue when it comes to landlord tenant relationships in the state of Rhode Island. Rhode Island rental rights limit the maximum amount of security deposit to a sum that is equivalent to one months’ rent. When a tenant vacates an apartment after giving due notice, Rhode Island rental rights will allow them to receive a refund of the security deposit within a period of 20 days. If the landlord makes any deduction to the security deposit to pay for repairs or damages caused by the tenant, Rhode Island rental rights will require that the landlord provide a written statement showing an itemized list of expenses and deductions.

Lease termination – Rhode Island rental rights – If a tenant is living on a week to week basis, a landlord will only have to give 10 days to terminate a lease. Month to month contracts or rental contracts that last less than a year will require 30 days of notice. For lease periods that are longer than one year, Rhode Island rental rights will require that the landlord give at least 3 months notice before terminating a lease.

Eviction – Rhode Island rental rights – If a tenant does not pay rent, the landlord can issue an notice of intention to evict to the tenant. Rhode Island rental rights will then give the tenant 5 days to pay off the owed rent, failing which, the landlord will file a complaint with the court that will then issue an eviction order. Rhode Island rental rights will allow the tenant to receive a summons from the court when they have an eviction case filed against them.

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