Rights of a Tenant

Rights of a Tenant – The List of Most Important Tenancy Rights

When a tenant signs up for a rental contract, they get a lot more than just keys to the apartment or condo that they might be renting. The state laws will also give them several tenancy rights that will allow them to enjoy their renting experience and help them avoid any kind of abuse by the landlords. This article will go over some of those important rights of a tenant. A renter must understand that they have to take the initiative to enforce these rights of a tenant when they feel that they are being abused or being taken advantage of by the landlord. The summary below will hopefully give the power of knowledge to tenants who want to be informed of the common rights of a tenant.

Rights against discrimination – rights of a tenant – Discrimination is still very common in rental application procedures and many landlords will deny certain type of rental applicants. However, the rights of a tenant will generally allow tenants to question and report any type of discrimination that they face while applying for a rental property. The rights of a tenant will also protect tenants while they are signed up for a lease. For example, a landlord might ignore requests for a repair from a particular tenant simply because they don’t like them although the rights of a tenant will allow tenants to pull up the landlord for such questionable behavior and even take them to court in a civil case.

Rights to a habitable environment – rights of a tenant – Though rental properties come in different shapes, sizes and quality, rental law will generally specify that a rental property must meet some basic conditions of habitability. In other words, the rights of a tenant will allow tenants to expect running water, working heat, good plumbing as bare requirements in a rental property. It would be against the rights of a tenant if a landlord tried to rent a property without these basic amenities. The rights of a tenant will also allow a tenant to break an ongoing lease if the apartment goes into a state of repair that does not meet the minimum habitability standards. In some states, the rights of a tenant will allow the tenant to pay a reduced amount of rent to compensate for the reduced habitability level of the apartment.

Rights to security deposit refunds – rights of a tenant – According to tenancy law in all states in the U.S., a security deposit is always refundable and it would be against the rights of a tenant for a landlord to collect a security deposit that they do not intend to refund back to the tenant. Apart from this, the rights of a tenant will usually enable tenants to receive the refund within a particular time that will vary from about 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the state in question.

Eviction proceedings – rights of a tenant- Generally, every tenant will want to avoid an eviction process although it becomes inevitable sometimes. If a situation ever arises for an eviction process to come into play, the rights of a tenant will allow them to fight their case in court before a final decision is made on the eviction ruling.

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