South Carolina Rental Rights

South Carolina Rental Rights

Most rental disputes in the state of South Carolina arise out of issues such as repairs, maintenance, grounds for eviction, security deposit and a few other common ones. Most of these issues can be easily avoided by tenants if they read up on the most important South Carolina rental rights that are available to them. This article can help in that direction by quickly summarizing South Carolina rental rights in regards to some of the issues just mentioned above.

Repairs – South Carolina rental rights – South Carolina rental rights will not allow a tenant to carry out repairs in their property on their own although they can do so if they get the permission of the landlord. Generally, the tenant should notify the landlord of the needed repairs. If the landlord fails to repair a property adequately or ignores to do so for an extended period of time, the tenant may break the lease and terminate it without being legally contracted to it. South Carolina rental rights will also allow the tenant to collect damages that are related to the improper repair or no repair.

Security deposits – South Carolina rental rights – South Carolina rental rights will allow a tenant to receive a refund of the security deposit once they complete their lease period. Tenants will have to give due notice about terminating their lease in order to receive their security deposit. South Carolina rental rights will require that the security deposit be refunded within a period of 30 days after the tenant has left the rental premises. It is important that the tenant leave a forwarding address when they leave South Carolina Real Estate tenant rightstheir apartment. Failing to do so will mean that South Carolina rental rights in regards to security deposit refunds might be lost as the landlord can prove that he did not know where to return the security deposit. Unfair as it might sound, the law will side with the landlord who will then be able to keep the security deposit to themselves. If the landlord has made deductions to the security deposit, South Carolina rental rights will allow the tenant to demand an itemized notice that will show all the expenses that have been deducted from the security deposit.

Ending a lease – South Carolina rental rights – If a landlord terminates a lease prematurely or without proper reason, South Carolina rental rights will allow a tenant to sue the landlord in civil court. South Carolina rental rights will also a tenant to sue the landlord if he fails to carry out his responsibilities such as repairs, maintenance etc. Similarly, the landlord will expect the tenant to give proper notice before they terminate a lease. The notice period will generally be mentioned in the lease agreement and tenants will be well advised to read up on the South Carolina rental rights that relate to their notice periods.

Habitable conditions – South Carolina rental rights – South Carolina rental rights will allow a tenant to expect plumbing, heating, electricity and gas to be in working condition, at all times, in a rental property.

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  1. I have been living in my apartment for 16 days now. It is so hot!!! At first, I waited it out for a couple of days, but with my infant son, it was just unbearable. No covers, night sweats, I have a personal fan, and nothing is working. The complex sent a guy to blow out the vents, again I waited, and it is still hot. I feel like the heat is making me light headed, and my son spits up curdled milk. Downstairs is freezing, but upstairs feels horrible. What are my rights with these situations. Can I request that they put more vents upstairs. There is only one per room. Is there some note that I can get from a doctor to force their hands?

    Hot and Confused in SC

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