Tenants rights in Dayton, Ohio?

Question by : Tenants rights in Dayton, Ohio?
I moved into a new apt. with the same landlord at the end of Aug. when my old lease was up. I have the old lease, the new lease, and a receipt that states my rent is paid through November. Now, 7 weeks later, he is trying to say that I owe for damages to the old place and that my deposit from that place, which is twice the amount of rent, was spent towards repairs. He now claims I owe him for October and November here. I know there were no damages, but I also thought he had 30 days to either return the deposit, or in this case apply it towards the new place which my new lease and receipt states that he did, or advise me in writing that the money was spent tenants rights in ohiotowards repairs. I think a big part of this is the fact that he knows I’m a student relying on financial aid, and the fact that the holidays are here and I won’t want a drawn out fight. Can he come at me almost two months later and do this?

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NO, not without stating the damages and showing bills of repairs. Go to a lawyer and ask for a consultation. In the meant time ask the landlord for reciepts of the repairs he did and let him know you are seeking a lawyer in the matter. Just knowing you are going to a lawyer (and give him a name and date of one you are going to ) might make him back down. And remember this… when you move into an apartment take pictures of the apartment when you moved in and again when you move out. You will have proof of what the place looks like.