Tenant Assistance

Tenant Assistance against Eviction Procedures

Tenant assistance is often sought when a tenant is facing an impending eviction. An eviction can be brought about for various reasons such as nonpayment of rent, violation of certain terms in lease and some other factors. It is very important that renters seek tenant assistance to stop the eviction process as an eviction is a public record. What that means is that it will stay on the record of a tenant who will find it very difficult to find a new apartment to live in. Landlords often deny apartments to tenants who have had an eviction in their record. Here are a few points about tenant assistance in regards to eviction procedures.

The first notice to quit is not an eviction notice – tenant assistance – Tenants must understand that they will first receive a notice of eviction that is otherwise called a notice to quit from the landlord. This is essential in most of the states and it is not a final eviction order. It merely serves as a notice saying that the landlord is going to pursue an eviction in court soon. This notice will usually also mention how the tenant can stop the eviction process and it will also suggest ways in which they can seek tenant assistance from the landlord themselves. Usually, it will provide some tenant assistance options where the tenant can pay off any owed rent within a certain period or comply with certain terms within a required period.

Eviction case in court – tenant assistance – If the case goes to court, tenants can seek tenant assistance by hiring an attorney who is well versed in rental law. If tenants are not able to afford an attorney, they can still seek tenant assistance from the local bar association or the community’s legal aid society. Also, tenants can try approaching the closest rental union to seek tenant assistance from them as well. However, the best tenant assistance in an eviction case will usually be an attorney who might charge a reasonable amount of fees. If tenants can afford it, they will be well advised to seek this professional tenant assistance as it will help them avoid a pretty serious black mark on their rental record as well as their credit history.

Mediation options – tenant assistance – Some jurisdictions will allow the tenant to seek tenant assistance by approaching a mediator who might be able to settle an eviction case without going to court. This will help the tenant avoid getting their rental record blemished and it will also speed things up for the landlord who will often not want to get involved in a lengthy and cumbersome eviction process in court.

Assistance with rent – tenant assistance – One can also seek indirect tenant assistance against an eviction process by approaching charitable organizations that might be able to help a tenant make their rent payments. If one can no longer afford to pay rent, they must also strongly consider the possibility of enrolling in a state subsidized housing program which will allow them to rent apartments at subsidized rates.

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