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Tenant Association – How Can Forming a Tenant Association Help?

Most state laws will allow the tenants of a rental community to form their own tenant association if they choose to. Generally, a tenant association is formed to bring about better property management by the landlords who might have got lazy or phlegmatic with their property management. For example, landlords might have started to neglect maintenance, repairs for request and so on and tenants will be well served with the creation of a tenant association as it will often get landlords back up to speed when it comes to performing their landlord duties. The article below will go over some tips and pointers about how to create a tenant association.

Getting the word out – tenant association – To create a tenant association, someone will have to take the initiative and carry out the grunt work of getting a lot of the tenants involved in the creation of a tenant association. One must always remember that the strength of a tenant association lies in numbers and  one will at least have to get a majority of the tenants, if not all, signed up for the tenant association. An easy way to begin this process can be by handing out flyers or sliding them under the doors of tenants. Inform them of a meeting date and a venue. As for a venue, tenants can use the common property in a rental community to hold a meeting to create a association and a landlord will not be able to object to such usage of the common property as even rental law in most states will allow the common areas of a rental property to be legally used for the creation of a tenant association.

What to do in the meeting? – tenant association – Now that the hard work is done, somebody will have to take the initiative to address the members of the potential tenant association. Address issues that are common to the tenancy population that has assembled. For example, if the landlord has not maintained the property well, the tenant association meeting will have to focus on that issue and get everybody in agreement that maintenance is to be improved. It might be tough going at first but an association will gather steam slowly and then move along at quite an impressive pace once people start to see the benefits it can offer. It is also very important to get some signatures during the first association meeting as it will give the tenant association a formal identity. Also, if possible, tenants should make sure to appoint a representative or a spokesperson for the tenant association. This person will have to be charismatic and also businesslike as he is representing the interests of several other tenants.

Presenting the concerns to the landlord – tenant association – Assuming that the tenant association has been created in writing, the spokesperson will have to quietly but firmly confront the landlord by showing the signatures that prove the creation of the tenant’s union or association. Such a document will also usually have to mention the areas in which the landlord is expected to improve in terms of providing their service. Such a process will usually send landlords scurrying away to fix things quickly.

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