Tenant Complaints

When a tenant moves into their newly rented property, they expect to receive a warm, safe and ready for moving in. This means that all gas and electric appliances must be installed correctly and must not be hazardous to the tenant. If these rules are not met then the tenant has a right to take legal action against the landlord. Fire hazards are another health and safety requirement which the property must meet in order to be legally available for rent. Any furniture which comes with the property must meet the fire resistant requirements, if not then the tenant has a right to complain.

If you are a tenant and you find that there are some problems with your property, then you must let the landlord know as soon as possible, as renters legitimate complaintsthey are responsible for fixing any damages. If the damages are caused by you or your visitors, then you are solely responsible for fixing them. If you do require the landlord to come and fix the damages, you must give them a reasonable amount of time to fix them. Your landlord may be very busy, so be patient when waiting, but if it is an emergency then most landlords will be there to sort it out as quickly as they can. To let the landlord do their job, you need to allow them into your home, but the landlord must give you at least 24 hour notice. They cannot turn up when they please, even though they own the property, as it is breaching your privacy.

If the landlord refuses to repair any damages which they are responsible for, then you can take legal action and face them in court, in hope of receiving damages and demanding them to fix the problems. If there is a problem with your property which puts your health and safety at risk, and your landlord still won’t take responsibility, you should seek help from your local council and a local solicitor who will guide you through the legal action you can take.

Most of the time, any tenant complaints will be seen to by the landlord, as they appreciate the custom and want to keep their tenants happy, but in the cases that they do not, you now know you can take further action and face your landlord in court, hopefully leading to you leaving happy.

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  1. Yes, You can always sue your landlord for the damages that has to be done by him, but try to solve the issue outside court.Give some time to your landlord, and if he never listen to you then doors of court are always open to you.

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