Tenant Right

Tenant Right

Whether a tenant lives in New York, Minnesota, Florida, Oregon, California or even Alaska, they are always covered by the respective state’s tenant laws that will usually provide a comprehensive tenant right list. One will usually have to read through the state website’s tenant right laws in great detail if they want to know about every right available to them although the article below will come up with a quick and easy to understand tenant right list that is applicable in almost any state. Though these are generally applicable to any tenant in the U.S, one must understand that every state in the U.S. has its own landlord-tenant law that might have some slight variations or differences from the clauses mentioned below.

Rent control – tenant right – Some states or cities will have rent control. Rent control is when the landlord will have to seek approval from a government authorized approval body when they want to increase their rent. Thus, when a tenant lives in a property that is covered by such an authority, the tenant right will allow them to question a rent increase that is not authorized.

Discrimination against potential tenants – tenant right – The most basic tenant right is the one against discrimination from landlords. Landlords are not allowed to filter or select tenants based on their color, race, sex, and country of origin or even their disabled or handicapped situation. Some states will also make it illegal for a landlord to inquire about source of income although a tenant right cannot stop the landlord from checking up a potential tenant’s credit score if they need to.

Security deposit – tenant right – A tenant right in regards to security deposit will allow a tenant to make sure that the security deposit being requested by the landlord is not unreasonable. It will have to conform to the state’s limitations on the maximum amount of security deposit that can be charged. In most states, the maximum permissible security deposit amount is usually one or two months of rent. Some states will allow three months of rent to be collected as security deposit if the apartment is well furnished with various appliances. A tenant right in a rental agreement will also allow the tenant to seek a refund of the security deposit within a certain period after leaving the premises of a rental property. A rental right for a tenant will allow the tenant to sue the landlord in a small claims court if the landlord does not return the security deposit amount or if they do not return in on time.

Repairs – tenant right – A tenant right will allow a tenant to always expect an apartment that is in a habitable condition which will include heat and running water. Thus, a tenant right will allow a tenant to expect problems with the heat or plumbing to be fixed very quickly by the landlord. If the landlord fails to do so, a tenant right will usually allow the tenant to move out of the property without any obligations or give them the choice to withhold rent payments until the repairs are carry out.

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