Tenant Rights in Colorado

Tenant Rights in Colorado

Below, the reader will find a quick summary of tenant rights in Colorado. There are several tenancy laws in the Centennial state that will provide various tenant rights in Colorado such as rights to a security deposit refund, rights to a court ordered eviction process, rights to maintenance repairs and so on. Some of these tenant rights in Colorado are discussed in more detail below.

Security deposit – tenant rights in Colorado – The tenant rights in Colorado will allow a tenant to seek a refund of the security deposit within 30 days from the end of a lease. If the security deposit refund is being deducted to pay for repairs, tenant rights in Colorado will enable a tenant to seek an explanation from the landlord in the form of a written and itemized bill that will detail the various repair expenses. The landlord will have to provide such as bill within the same 30 day period. Also, tenant rights in Colorado will require a tenant to give security deposit to a landlord only if the landlord is going to hold the security deposit in a separate bank account that is free of any personal or business liabilities.

Fair housing – tenant rights in Colorado- It would be against tenant rights in Colorado for a landlord to indulge in any sort of discrimination during the rental application process or during the course of a tenancy. Also, tenant rights in Colorado will require eviction proceedings to be followed according to law and a landlord cannot indulge in discriminatory eviction proceedings.  If a tenant feels that their tenant rights in Colorado have been violated in some way by discriminatory behavior on the part of the landlord, they can make their complaints to the local housing boards which will then take appropriate action against the landlords.

Notice of entry – tenant rights in Colorado – A landlord would be trespassing on a rental property if they attempted to enter an apartment without notice. TheColorado laws about tenant rightsto receive due notice, in writing, before a landlord can enter a rental property for various valid reasons such as inspections or repairs. These tenant rights in Colorado relating to privacy will however not apply during an emergency situation when a landlord can enter without any notice.

Rent increases – tenant rights in Colorado- If a tenant is living on a long term lease, the landlord will have to wait until the end of the lease to increase the rent. However, they can increase the rent before the end of the lease as long as the lease agreement has a clause that will accommodate such an increase. Tenant rights in Colorado will also enable a tenant to receive adequate notice about an increase in rent if the landlord is going to increase the rent.

Repairs – tenant rights in Colorado – A landlord has the responsibility to perform any repairs that will be needed to keep the apartment in a habitable condition. A tenant may withhold rent or report a landlord if the apartment is not in a habitable condition and is in need of repairs.

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  1. My son is renting an apartment. The apartment next door had a fire & all the tenants were evactuated. The power & utilities were shut off. He had to vacate his apartment for 9 days. He was notified that he could move back, however he has had no hot water for a week since he moved back. Would he be eligible for some type of compensation for the time he was displaced and the fact that he has had no hot water since moving back? His dishwasher has not worked properly since he moved in. He was told that it would be replaced, however this has not happened in the year he as been there. When he has asked about the dishwasher, he was told not to use it. Also is it customery to charge HOA dues monthly? HOA dues were not in his lease. Thank you for your prompt response.

  2. My previous landlord is withholding my entire deposits for the following reasons, cleaning and lock change. I understand I may not have cleaned the place to their expectations even though I spent 3 days intensely cleaning some areas didnt “come clean” and I agree to the cleaning charges, however, I returned all keys provided and there were damages to the locks or the doors therefore I disagree with those charges.This landlord is also asking I pay an additional amount to cover the cost of the new locks.What can I do?

  3. I moved 6 weeks ago out of my apt. I had them sum up all of my charges and I paid it off in full. Now they come to me saying that they made a error and I owe then over $300. Due to their error am I responsible for this after 6 weeks. They state in the letter that it will be turned over to a collection agentcy in 30 days

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