Tenant Rights Oregon

Tenant Rights Oregon – A List of Common Tenancy Law in Oregon State

Tenancy law in Oregon is governed by the state’s residential landlord and tenant act. Tenancy law in Oregon will provide renters with tenant rights and this article will briefly go over such tenant rights in Oregon. Tenants should however note that there are other tenant rights in Oregon that are not covered by this article and they should always consult the state’s statutes to go through the full list of tenant rights in Oregon that are available to them. The article below only discusses the most important tenant rights in Oregon.

Habitable rental property – tenant rights Oregon – The tenant rights in Oregon will allow a tenant to only pay rent for a property that is habitable in nature. Every state has different views on what makes a habitable property. In Oregon, a habitable property is one that will at least have heat, electricity, running water, reasonable weatherproofing, garbage receptacles and smoke detectors. Additionally, tenant rights in Oregon will allow a tenant to expect both the property and the common areas of the rental property to be maintained in a reasonably sanitary and clean condition.

Privacy rights – tenant rights in Oregon – The tenant rights in Oregon will allow a tenant to enjoy the rental property without being disturbed by the landlord or other tenants. The landlord may enter the property only after providing at least 24 hours of notice, in writing. The tenant rights in Oregon will also allow a tenant to only permit a landlord to enter a property when the landlord has a valid reason to enter the property. Common reasons are repairs or inspections.

Security deposits – tenant rights –Oregon – Tenants rights in Oregon will allow the tenant to request a refund of the security deposit within a period of 30 days after moving out of an apartment. If the landlord fails to refund the deposit in a timely manner or simply refuses to refund the security deposit, tenant rights in Oregon will allow the tenant to sue the landlord in civil court for an amount that is twice the amount of the actual security deposit. Tenant rights in Oregon guidelines do not impose any restrictions on the maximum amount of security deposit that can be charged, unlike other states. Hence, landlords will be able to charge any amount as security deposit, according to their own discretion.

Notice periods – tenant rights –Oregon – For nonpayment of rent, tenant rights in Oregon will only give a tenant 72 hours to pay up or be served with a notice to vacate. If the tenant has harassed other tenants in the building or has conducted some “outrageous” act, tenant rights in Oregon guidelines will allow landlords to evict the tenant with just 24 hours of notice. However, tenant rights in Oregon will protect tenants against evictions without any notice whatsoever. It is illegal for landlords to lock tenants out of their apartment even if they haven’t paid rent or even if they have clearly broken the terms of a rental agreement.

Repairs – tenant rights –Oregon – According to tenant rights in Oregon guidelines, it is the responsibility of the landlord to carry out all maintenance repairs although tenants can be charged for repairs if they are solely responsible for the damages that needed repairs.

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  1. I have a one year lease on a condo conversion unit in Portland. The owner took a large deposti from me equal to 1 1/2 times the rental value of $2650.00. I am very unhappy here and want to move. They lessor states and the rental agreement states that they are entitlec to a penalty of 1 1/2 times the rental amount plus the rent that would include the 30 day notice. What are my rights, and is it legal.
    I have several rental units that I own and it seems I am always on the losing side of the deal.


  2. I have tenants right next to me that have brought in a huge stereo system and the base is rocking my apartment. The owner has talked with them to no avail. They are also POT smokers and the smell during the day drifts into the other apartment next to theirs. What can I do about this? I have asked them to please shut down their stereo, but they turn it up louder this is during the day. Thank you

  3. The wall paper in the house we are renting is fabrick and is making my chilren sick and the rental agentse will not ask the owns if I can paint ( I would pay for it ) is it there right to tell me if it is making my kids sick. What can I do?

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