Tenant Rules

Tenant Rules – Important Rules to be followed by Tenants

The tenant law in all states will usually specify a set of rules and responsibilities for both the tenants and the landlords. This article will briefly go over some of the most important tenant rules that must be obeyed by the tenant. A violation of these tenant rules will usually result in a termination of a lease or a filing of litigation against the tenant. Also, one must understand that the tenant rules mentioned below are generally applicable to all states although each state will have a slight variance in the rules that they have implemented.

Paying rent – tenant rules – One of the most obvious tenant rules that need to be followed is that the tenant should pay their rent on time. A rental agreement will usually specify the amount of rent to be paid, the date it has to be paid by and also whom to pay the rent to. A tenant must meet all these specifications. If the tenant is unable to pay rent for some reason, he or she should approach the landlord and inform them about their inability to do so. The landlord will then try to work out alternate arrangements. Too many tenants simply dodge the landlord when they can’t pay rent and this will almost always result in an unpleasant eviction when things could have been worked out.

Keeping peace in a rental property – tenant rules – A tenant is expected to follow the tenant rules set forth by the landlord for the particular rental property. For example, some landlords might not allow pets while some landlords will not allow children in an adult rental community. In these cases, the tenant will have to follow the tenant rules specified in their rental contracts. Breaking these tenant rules will automatically make the tenant eligible for an eviction. Also, tenant rules will expect tenants to be civil towards other tenants, not disturb the rental community in any way and also not carry out any illegal activity on the rental premises.

Repairs – tenant rules – Tenant rules will also require that the tenant inform their landlords in a timely manner where there is a need for repairs in an apartment or rental property. Tenant rules might allow the tenant to carry out their own repairs although they would still have to inform the landlord before carrying out such repairs.

Maintenance – tenant rules – While the landlord is expected to maintain the rental property and the common areas in a good condition, tenant rules will also expect the tenant to maintain their own rental space in a sanitary and clean condition. Tenant rules will allow the landlord to deduct repair expenses from the security deposit amount if the tenant has damaged the property while occupying the rental space.

Due notice – tenant rules – A rental contract will require a tenant to provide a notice period before they terminate a lease. This notice period will usually be listed in the rental agreement. If a tenant breaks a lease early, he or she must make an effort to find new tenants for the landlord. If the break a lease early and do not find new tenants, they shall continue to pay rent to the landlord even though they do not reside at the property anymore.

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