Tenants Association

Tenants Association – How to Create a Tenant’s Association?

There are a lot of tenants out there who have the misfortune of living in rental premises that are not managed very well. Some landlords will not maintain the common areas of a property well while some will take ages to respond to maintenance and repair issues. The best way to make the landlord get their act together and improve the quality of the rental premises is to form a tenants association. However, one will need to know how to form a tenants association and this article will give a few good starting points on that topic.

Getting the word out – tenants association – This is the most difficult part of creating a tenants association as one of you will have to take a lot of effort to get the ball rolling. Initial enthusiasm levels will be very low. However, one must not give up easily and try to get the word out to as many tenants as possible. Begin by creating some simple fliers informing of your efforts to create a tenants association. In the flier, mention the intended reasons for creating the tenants association. If you do that, there will be a connection from many other fellow tenants who will want to join in on the effort.

Persist with recruitment – tenants association – Even when you have passed out fliers about the tenants association, you will find that the response is often less than encouraging. However, do not get discouraged. Start knocking on the doors of the tenants who did not respond as they might have simply not seen the flier. Speak to them personally about the tenants association.

Appoint a date for the meeting – tenants association – Ideally, you want to get at least 60% of the tenant population to be involved with the tenants association. Once you have this number, put the word out for the first tenants association meeting. Make sure that the meeting time is very convenient for everyone as you will get a very poor response if you schedule it on a busy work day or an important holiday.

During the meeting – tenants association – This is another very important part of creating the tenants association. Ideally, you want people to sign in when they come to the meeting. Ask for information such as their door number, contact number and their names. This will help make the first tenant’s meeting more formal and also help you collect information about your members.

Appoint a spokesperson – tenants association – If you are not a great public speaker, have someone who is very good with it to give an introductory speech about the tenants association. They should name the reasons why the association is being created and will have to seek the support of the members there.

Take a vote – tenants association – The last step in the creation of the tenants association is to take a vote for the official creation of the association. A simple show of hands will be enough in most cases. Once that is done, you will have successfully created an association or a tenant’s union that you can use very effectively to raise concerns with the landlord. You will be pleasantly surprised at the landlord’s quick response times when he or she sees that all the tenants have joined hands.

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