Tenants Rental Rights

Tenants Rental Rights

The following article will go over some very popular and commonly used tenants rental rights. These tenants rental rights will often help a tenant protect themselves from disputes in rental contracts as the law will clearly help them state their case and side with them if their tenants rental rights have been violated. So, without any further introduction, here is a list of commonly used tenants rental rights.

Eviction procedures – tenants rental rights – Ideally, an eviction is the last thing on the mind of a tenant or a landlord although it can definitely happen. The number one reason for evictions is nonpayment of rent and the current economy has seen many evictions carried out due to this reason. However, the law recognizes the fact that most people who are unable to pay rent are hardworking people who have just fallen on really hard times. In general, tenants rental rights will allow a tenant to stay back at a property for about 20-30 days even if they are unable to pay rent. During this time, the renters can use their tenants rental rights to either fight the eviction in court or bide some time to find a new apartment to live in.  However, tenants are generally advised from abusing these rights as abuse of these tenants rental rights will only be detrimental to the tenant, who will see their rental record be black marked with an eviction order that is as good as receiving a bankruptcy mark on a credit report. It would be very difficult for a tenant to become a renter again as most landlords will reject tenant applications straightaway if they have had an eviction on their record.

Security deposit refunds – tenants rental rights – Tenants rental rights will also allow a tenant to seek a refund of their security deposit once they have completed the tenure of a lease and have moved out. Some states will require the tenants to leave their forwarding address with the landlord in order to receive the security deposit. Tenants are advised to leave their forwarding address in any case as it will help them protect their tenants rental rights in case there is any dispute from the landlord on the security deposit refund. Most states will lay out tenants rental rights guidelines in such a way that the landlord will be obligated to refund the security deposit within a two or six week period after the expiry of a lease. Also, tenants rental rights guidelines will allow the landlords to make deductions to the security deposit to pay for repairs although they will have to provide proof for such deductions by submitting an itemized list of expenses to the tenant. Tenants rental rights will allow the tenant to verify these expenses and also dispute them in a small claims court if they have to.

Repairs – tenants rental rights – In the whole of America, tenants rental rights will allow a tenant to demand repairs from the landlord when the repairs are needed to fix damages that are caused by general wear and tear. Repairs that are caused by the tenant’s usage are not the responsibility of the landlord.

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