Tenants Rights Illinois

Tenants Rights Illinois – Tenancy Rights Available to Renters in Illinois

This article will go over some important tenants rights in Illinois that will protect the interests of renters in the Land of Lincoln. The passage below will  go over tenants rights in Illinois that are applicable to residential tenants. Tenants rights in Illinois are not the same for commercial tenants and commercial tenants will have to look elsewhere for that information. Without much further ado, here are some common and important tenants rights in Illinois.

Security deposit – tenants rights in Illinois – Tenants rights in Illinois will allow a tenant to expect their security deposit to be refunded within a period of 45 days after they have vacated the rental premises. A landlord will be allowed to make deductions to the security deposit refund to pay for repairs although they will have 30 days from the date of those deductions to provide the tenant with a proof of repairs. For example, tenants rights in Illinois will allow the tenant to see an itemized bill of the repair work that was carried out in an apartment. If the tenant feels that he or she is being unfairly charged for repairs that were not caused by their actions, tenants rights in Illinois will allow tenants to sue the landlord in civil court and seek appropriate damages.

Habitable environment – tenants rights in Illinois – The tenants rights in Illinois will allow a tenant to expect the landlords to carry out any wear and tear repairs that relate to problems with heat, electricity, plumbing and utilities. However, the landlord is not obliged to carry out repairs that are physically caused by the actions of the tenant, or those that are not caused by routine wear and tear. The landlord can also expect the tenant to keep the rental premises in a clean and sanitary condition, failing which; landlords have the right to evict the tenant.

Increase in rent – tenants rights in Illinois – If a tenant is on a month to month lease, tenants rights in Illinois will give that tenant a buffer of 30 days in the form of a notice before the rent is increased. However, if the tenant is on a fixed lease period, tenants rights in Illinois will not allow the landlord to increase the rent of the apartment until the end of the fixed lease period, whatever length that may be.

Illegal evictions – tenants rights in Illinois – The tenants rights in Illinois will prevent landlords from evicting tenants just because they are requesting repairs or making complaints against a landlord. In a lot of cases, landlords try to illegally evict tenants if they start to complain about the shortcomings of the landlord. This is however strictly prohibited and a landlord may only evict a tenant for valid reasons such as nonpayment of rent or for other reasons such as illegal activities carried out by the tenant on a rental premises. Even with these valid reasons, tenants rights in Illinois guidelines will require landlords to approach the courts to seek an eviction notice. The tenants rights in Illinois and any other state in the U.S. will give the tenant an opportunity to fight for their cause when the eviction case is heard out in court.

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