Tennessee Rental Rights

Tennessee Rental Rights

Signing paperwork when renting a property in the state of Tennessee can be a daunting task as there are many different formats of leases or rental agreements. Though formats might change, the state has laws which will generally ensure that Tennessee rental rights are well protected for the tenant. However, a tenant should not take a rental agreement for granted and must make an effort to go over the lease agreement to make sure that none of their Tennessee rental rights are violated or abused. The passage below will quickly go over the most important Tennessee rental rights and might serve as a good reference for tenants who are looking up to read up on their tenant rights.

Security deposits – Tennessee rental rights – Rental rights in Tennessee will require that a landlord inspect the apartment within three days of a tenant leaving an apartment. Tennessee rental law will then require that the landlord notify the rights of tenants and renters in the state of tennesseetenant of any potential deductions to the security deposit. Tennessee rental rights will allow the tenant to dispute any such deductions although they will have to go to court to defend their dispute if the landlord in not in agreement.

Tennessee rental guidelines also require that the landlord keep the security deposit amount in an account that was specifically created for holding the security deposit. The landlord will have to inform the tenant about this account by giving details such as bank, account number and so on. Tennessee rental rights will allow a tenant to get back their security deposit or not pay security deposit if the landlord fails to meet the requirement of holding the security deposit in a separate account.

Rent payment – Tennessee rental rights – Tennessee rental rights will allow a tenant a period of 5 days as grace period to pay their rent. If the 5th day falls on a weekend or a national holiday, Tennessee rental rights will still allow the tenant to pay the rent on the next business day without having to pay late fees. Tennessee rental rights guidelines cap the amount of late fees to an equivalent of 10% of one month’s rent. Late fees can be charged 5 days after the normal due date has passed.

Rights about privacy – Tennessee rental rights – If the landlord wants to enter a rental property for an inspection or to show the property to prospective future tenants, Tennessee rental rights will require that he first get consent from the tenant. However, Tennessee rental rights guidelines suggest that the tenant cannot unreasonably deny consent or entry to the landlord. Also, Tennessee rental rights regarding privacy will not apply in cases of an emergency such as a fire and a landlord is free to enter the property at will, without consent or notice.

Repairs – Tennessee rental rights – Tennessee rental rights guidelines will require that a rental property always be in compliance with the local building and construction codes. The property should also always be in a habitable condition. If repairs are needed, the landlord will have to carry them out in a timely manner once the tenant has informed them of the problem. It is advised that tenants submit a request for repair in writing as it will protect their Tennessee rental rights if the landlord fails to carry out the repair.

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