Utah Rental Rights

Utah Rental Rights

Utah rental rights were instituted with an intention to provide a healthy renting experience to both the tenants as well as the landlords. However, for a tenant to make sure that his or her Utah rental rights are protected and enforced, they would first have to understand the various Utah rental rights that are in effect today. The passage below will quickly mention and describe some of the more important Utah rental rights.

Safety and habitable conditions – Utah rental rights – Utah rental rights will require that landlords always provide a rental property that is both safe as well as sanitary. If there are issues that make the property unsafe or not habitable, Utah rental rights will allow the tenant to request repairs or modifications from the landlord. Utah rental rights will also allow a tenant to approach a Utah housing inspector if the landlord does not respond to a tenant’s concern.

Security deposits – Utah rental rights – State law requires that landlords return a security deposit within a period of 30 days after the tenant has vacated a rental property. Or, the landlord can return the security deposit within a period of 15 days after the client has informed them about their new forwarding address. Landlords are not allowed to deduct the security deposit to pay for expenses or repairs that are related to normal wear and tear.

Rights to privacy – Utah rental rights – Tenants are entitled to their privacy and Utah rental rights will require that landlords notify tenants before entering a property to carry out an inspection or to show the property to other clients. These Utah rental rights will however not apply during an emergency situation such as a fire in the rental unit or in the rental building. The landlord will be able to make an entry without any notice and at any time when there is an emergency situation.

Rent receipts – Utah rental rights – Utah rental rights guidelines require that the landlords provide written receipts for rent payments. These receipts will have to be signed by the landlord. Receipts will only have to be provided for cash or money orders while it would be unnecessary for a landlord to provide a receipt if the tenant is paying through a personal check.

Repairs – Utah rental rights – Though it is the landlord’s responsibility to carry out repairs in a timely manner, some landlords will dodge or delay repairs if the tenant has not made a written request for the repair. Tenants will be well advised to submit a written request when they are in need of repairs as a written request will usually result in a faster response from the landlord. It will also protect the tenant’s rental rights if a dispute about the repair arises in the future.

Evictions – Utah rental rights – All evictions in the state of Utah need to be carried out with a court issued eviction order. Utah law will protect tenants from acts of retaliation by the landlord. Common acts of retaliation are when a landlord changes the locks or shuts off the utilities to an apartment without going through a formal court process to evict a tenant.

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  1. Signed lease for one year, asked landlord what steps I needed to take in order to get out of lease. Landlord said get someone that qualifies and we will switch names. I had a person get qualified through the apartment landlord then we all went into switch names. The landlord Ok 4 pm it is. her cell number is 1-801-866-3825, Ok 4 pm it is. her cell number is 1-801-866-3825, and please have cash and please have cash said no we have to add the new person to the lease. I have no rights here help

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