Virginia Rental Rights

Virginia Rental Rights

All Virginia rental rights are governed by the Virginia residential landlord and tenant act that was created to protect both landlords and tenants from abuse by one another. This article will quickly give the reader a glimpse of the most important Virginia rental rights in effect today.

Rental application fees – Virginia rental rights – Virginia rental rights will allow prospective tenants to get a refund on their rental application fees if they are unsuccessful in landing an apartment as a tenant and if they paid more than $32 as rental application fee. Virginia rental rights will require that the landlord refund an amount from the application fee after deducting the actual expenses that were used to carry out background checks, credit checks etc. The refund will have to be made in a period of 20 days for payments made with checks while refunds will have to be made within 10 days for application fees paid with cash or money orders. Virginia rental rights will allow tenants to take up the issue with the Alexandria department of housing in Alexandria, Virginia, if they are not refunded their rental application fee.

Security deposits – Virginia rental rights – Interestingly, Virginia rental rights will allow for security deposit payments in the form of cash or property. Virginia rental rights restrict the maximum amount of security deposit that can be charged to a sum that is equivalent to two months’ rent. Virginia rental rights will allow a tenant to get a refund of their security deposit within a period of 45 days after moving away from the rental property. They will also be allowed to be refunded any accumulated interest that might have been earned on the security deposit amount.

Privacy rights – Virginia rental rights – Virginia rental rights guidelines suggest that the landlord is not authorized to share tenant’s contact, personal or credit information unless required by public records or courts. Virginia rental rights will allow a tenant to sue a landlord who is guilty of sharing the tenant’s information to unauthorized third parties for commercial or other reasons.

Right to termination of lease – Virginia rental rights – Virginia rental rights will allow a tenant to terminate a lease at any time although they will be obligated to pay rent for the remaining period on the lease. They can also try to find new tenants to occupy the property in which case they will not have to continue to pay rent. If a tenant has given sufficient notice about terminating a lease and if the landlord has not taken any effort to find a tenant, Virginia rental rights will protect the former tenant against rent collections as the landlord took no effort to find new tenants for the property.

Rights to access of rental property – Virginia rental rights – A tenant must allow the landlord to enter a rental property as long as the landlord has provided valid reasons for entry along with a notification period. Tenants who fail to allow entry to the landlord even after they have provided reasons and notification run the risk of being evicted or being taken to court.

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